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The Lycée has a reputation for high academic standards and is generally more focused on academics, with less time and facilities dedicated to sports, music and arts, when compared to British schools. Kensington Wade is the first Prep School in the United Kingdom to offer a dual-language English-Chinese education from ages 3–11. London's first bilingual free school opened this September. Hi all, We currently live in Switzerland but possibly relocating to London soon. Lady Anne Henderson-Stewart oversees these schools and ensures that they are consistent with each other in their pedagogical approach and that there is a strong bond between each school for the betterment of our children’s … Here, the headmaster is appointed by AEFE and changes every five years. We have three different age-appropriate rooms to provide the children with activities and equipment suited to their level of development. This has certainly helped to alleviate the problem (although it still seems that far more French children move to London than school places are created for them), but at the same time, we are now in a situation where there is a large number of French schools of different types and affiliations, and it is not easy for outsiders to gain an overview. In addition to the homologuées schools, there is a long list of private French and bilingual institutions, especially nursery schools. The French in London are one of the largest (if not the largest) expat groups in London, and their number – usually estimated somewhere around 300,000 (there is a wide range of estimates, so take it as a very rough estimate) – keeps on growing. It offers French and bilingual streams for children from 4 – 11. The first bilingual state school in England has been approved - with lessons in French and English. mybanners= The Spanish Nursery and Children's Centre for Culture and Language, an Anglo Spanish Nursery, aims to provide a welcoming and caring environment which values diversity, promotes equal opportunities and has an ethos of inclusion. The only Italian English school in the UK. The bilingual classes are run in cooperation with local Holy Cross School, a Catholic state school. Only the Lycée Charles de Gaulle falls into this category, although it is made up of several campuses, attended by 4,000 pupils in total: Lycée Charles de Gaulle (South Kensington): this is the original «French Lycée» and the largest French school in the UK with 3,000 pupils in their primary and secondary school. The Bilingual Primary School is a growing school with over 520 children on roll from Reception to Y6. Bilingual Nursery in Paddington. L’Ecole des Petits which had been probably one of the most successful bilingual school in London, opened a second school in Battersea, this school was created to extend the age range from three to eleven years so as to provide a full pre-primary and primary education from maternelle to CM2. [ Peter Johnson is the founder of a new bilingual primary school which will open in London next year. "\"\"" In the secondary school, children can choose between the French and the British section to study for GCSEs and A-Levels. A totally bilingual education from 2 years old Private school / Ecole privée hors contrat - RNE : 075 505 3K - Association Loi 1901 - Siret: 349 898 114 000 21 Here at The Fulham Bilingual, staff, parents and the community appreciate that there is much to learn from both systems and this ideology underpins the Bilingual pedagogy. The bilingual classes are run together with community primary Wix Primary School. This code is free to use provided this notice is not removed. Headteacher. I am a local parent and I think all families should have this opportunity." In addition to the homologuées schools, there is a long list of private French and bilingual institutions, especially nursery schools. Due to how the schools are funded, their fees are comparatively low at £2,000-3,500 per year, but of course class sizes are comparable to other state schools at around 30. Judith Kerr Primary School is an all-ability bilingual primary school, teaching children aged 4-11 in English and German. previously a French primary school named L’Ile aux Enfants in Camden, it reopened in September 2011 on new premises with the name CFBL, this is a large modern French school that goes all the way up from Petite Section to Year 10 (ages 3 – 15). Ecole Jeannine Manuel London is the sister school of its Paris namesake, ranked first among French lycées for the last eight years. A partnership between Holy Cross Catholic Primary and L'école Primaire Marie d'Orliac. Judith Kerr Primary School in Herne Hill, south London, is one of the latest batch of free schools given the green light by the Education Secretary, Michael Gove. But these schools have their own management board and a higher level of independence. The primary school offers French and bilingual classes. Kathleen Williams (Executive Head Teacher, Holy Cross), Leiah Pereira (Head of School, Bilingual Holy Cross), © 2014 The Fulham Bilingual Copyright 2020 The PCman Website Rotating Banner Code "\"\"", Relocating to London with children - how to find a school, Starting Primary School in 2015: top London state school catchment areas. ... Shaftesbury Park Primary School Ashbury Road Battersea London SW11 5UW . Please take a moment to look around our website and use our Contact page should you wish to visit us in person. Of the schools that are “homologuées”, there are three categories depending on their link with the French education ministry, their level funding and their management: 1) Etablissement en gestion directe: schools directly managed and funded by AEFE. There are many private French and bilingual schools in London, but below are those that are fully accredited by AEFE and therefore guarantee quality of teaching and full alignment with the French curriculum: Pupils who study at these schools are guaranteed a secondary place in one of the French schools (Lycée Charles de Gaulle, CFBL, Wembley), but they may not get their first choice place, unlike children studying at one of the primary schools in category 1, who are guaranteed a secondary place in South Kensington, if they so wish. Tel: 020 7736 5863 Judith Kerr Primary School, a free school, will offer lessons in … Bilingual, bicurricular, and bicultural. There seems to be a multitude and that it’s very difficult to get a place. At children aged 3-11 benefit from a bilingual Italian/English and bi-curricular education in the heart of London (Holland Park W11). The bilingual classes are run together with community primary Wix Primary School. Tel. document.write(show_mybanners); At the Bilingual, the children are fully immersed in French and English. My children are currently attend school in French and we don’t want them to lose their French with the move so are looking at the French bilingual schools in London. Chair of the Harrow Bilingual Primary School Core Team, Ian Fernandes said: "Until now the only way for children to benefit from a bilingual education was to go private. Parents in North West London may also be interested in knowing about a new bilingual primary free school which will teach children in French and English, opening in September 2015 Harrow Bilingual Primary School The school is now open to Nursery, Reception, Years 1 and 6 and Key Worker children as stated in Government Guidelines. The project in the Wix School in Battersea, south London, is to be supported by the French embassy. Application takes place in October preceding the year of entry. Generally, it is much harder to gain a place at schools that are “homologuées”, because most French expats would strongly prefer those to ensure they can transfer to other French Lycées abroad if required. 9010445 It offers French and bilingual streams for children from 4 – 11. We are exceptionally lucky to be housed in a brand new, purpose build school right on the edge of Hove Park with easy access to everything Brighton & Hove has to offer. Their fees might be higher, but they often have the benefit of much smaller class sizes and a broader extra-curricular programme. La Chouette School is a private bilingual nursery school in London that offers children aged 2 to 6: • A curriculum in accordance with the program of the National Education • Bilingual immersion education • Education that fosters the personal development and development of the child, Fax. The British section frequently ranks in the top schools in the country for GCSE and A-Level results. The school was founded on the idea that a progressive educational model can be combined with Mandarin immersion to create a vibrant, innovative school … /* Pupils leave our school equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in either secondary system, English or French. Also note that due to high demand, several new schools and nurseries are created each year, and some private schools are working on their homologation, so the information above is subject to change! Pupils joining the bilingual class will follow the national curriculum but will study all subjects in both languages throughout the primary school. 020 7223 0584. // -->, The first distinction you generally come across when looking at French schools abroad is between those that are “. Welcome to the Anglo-Portuguese School of London (APSoL), a free 4-11 primary school which opened in September 2020 with a cohort of Reception children. Ecole de Marie d’Orliac (Fulham): another primary school linked to the Lycee in South Kensington. It offers French and bilingual streams for children from 4 – 11. In the Primary school, the day is divided in two halves: the students work and learn half day in French, the other half day in English. We have three different age-appropriate rooms to provide the children with activities and equipment suited to their level of development. The Stewart Bilingual School is a long established family owned nursery and primary school which is distinguishable from other bilingual schools by its dual French and British curriculum. Add a similar number of otherwise francophone or francophile families, and it is no wonder that the French Lycée, which used to cater for the education of francophone families in London, has become so popular and oversubscribed that dozens of new French and bilingual schools have been set up across the capital. Schools that have gone through the process of “homologation” are guaranteed to follow the French curriculum and conform to the educational model. LOGIN SIGN UP. Ecole de Marie d’Orliac (Fulham): another primary school linked to the Lycee in South Kensington. A bilingual preschool and primary school in the heart of Paris offering academic excellence and personal fulfilment for each child, in an English environment. School fees 2019/2020 : £7,980/year (excluding school dinners and after school clubs) Anglo-Portuguese bilingual school in London ANGLO-PORTUGUESE SCHOOL OF LONDON IN WANDSWORTH. Today The Stewart Bilingual School - La Petite Ecole Bilingue comprises a total of 4 schools based in London (Oxford Gardens and Kentish Town), Paris and Bordeaux. The bilingual classes are run together with community primary Wix Primary School. The school will be a partnership between Holy Trinity CE Primary School, Northwood; the London Diocesan Board for Schools and the proposer group. It is not unusual for primary schools across Europe to offer their students foreign language courses. It is very oversubscribed (as all the other French schools!). Our aim is to educate truly bilingual children in a happy, caring and culturally vibrant environment. An exciting newly opened school is the bilingual Ecole Jeannine Manuel on Bedford Square in Fitzrovia. */ Welcome to The Fulham Bilingual Welcome to our school, The Fulham Bilingual, a unique partnership between Holy Cross Catholic Primary, a state English school and L'Ecole Marie D'Orliac, a French private school. Terms of Use, School Website by Greenhouse School Websites. It is a private school under English law and is inspected both by Ofsted and AEFE. Harrow Bilingual Primary School was given approval by education secretary Nicola Morgan on Tuesday. Our school has high academic standards and pupils with excellent learning behaviours. var show_mybanners = mybanners[Math.floor(randomNumber * mybanners.length)] Both UK National Curriculum and Camoes Institute for Portuguese language program taught for children aged 4 to 11 (Reception to Year 6) Ecole de Marie d’Orliac (Fulham): another primary school linked to the Lycee in South Kensington. The school will be a new two-form entry Church of England Primary School for Harrow and the proposers will now press ahead with plans to ensure a successful … Bilingual Nursery in Paddington. So if all you want is some French language exposure and you don’t worry so much about the French national curriculum as such, you would be in a much easier position.

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