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It's 2020: Can I (should I) change the name of this distribution? If your Android is on, you can get to the Quick Settings menu. How to edit Android’s share menu. Total silence lets nothing through, while priority only hides most of the nuisance disturbances like notifications that there's a new sale on books. You should explain why not to use setSupportActionBar(toolbar) instead of just saying what works for you. That faint grey line between the top row and the other items separates the Direct Share menu and the regular share menu. Step 2. The flashlight turns on the flash on the back of your phone so you can use it as a flashlight. On Share option under “Use these apps to Share” 4. You need an app that takes advantage of … Well, you need to set support action bar setSupportActionBar(); and pass your variable, like so: setSupportActionBar(toolbar); Using XML However, some of the apps included you never use or didn't even know existed, and this leads to unnecessary clutter. #1 Andmade Share Step 1. Using a filtered index when setting a variable. If you tap on it while your phone is not charging, you'll see an estimate of how much time is remaining on your battery and the option to go into Battery Saver mode, which dims the screen slightly and tries to conserve power. Please post the main_activity_layout.xml as well. Click on “Share Menu” in the lefthand pane. setSupportActionBar(toolbar); You can still use the answer provided using Toolbar.inflateMenu even while using setSupportActionBar(toolbar). The Wi-Fi setting shows you which Wi-Fi network you're using (if any) and tapping the settings icon will show you available networks in your area. This is going to be in res/menu/main_menu.. Choose the service, location, or app that you want to use to share the file, such as Dropbox, Facebook, Messages, or Twitter. Sharing is an important thing in our lives especially technology and knowledge sharing. Rest I have done in my answer. The Share Menu of Android has been one of the best and very useful features of the OS for ages because it allows users to share content between apps in a jiffy. This is also known as tethering. You can use this menu to perform all sorts of useful tasks without having to dig around in your phone apps. You may face this issue if share option is turned off in PC settings. Due to no action bar theme declared in styles.xml, that is applied to the Main Activityin the AndroidManifest.xml, there are no exceptions, so you have to check it there. Or, maybe you want to add more to the Notes menu. proper explanation. You can get the download link from here. Toggle your phone's Bluetooth antenna on or off by tapping on this tile. However, the stock share menu in Android is pretty basic and doesn’t come with any customization option. Both are editable, so we’ll start with Direct Share which you should have if your device is running Android 6.0 or a newer version. Data Saver attempts to save on your data usage by turning off a lot of apps that use background data connections. I'm after a app to edit the list of apps you can share stuff to, you know the menu with WhatsApp, Google drive etc? override fun onPrepareActionMode(mode: ActionMode, menu: Menu): Boolean { return false // Return false if nothing is done } // Called when the user selects a contextual menu item override fun onActionItemClicked(mode: ActionMode, item: MenuItem): Boolean { return when (item.itemId) { R.id.menu_share -> { shareCurrentItem() mode.finish() // Action picked, so close the CAB true } else -> … By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Instead, I often share to WhatsApp, Pushbullet, and Slack, plus a few other apps in special instances. When compared to the iPhone, Android has always had significantly better intra-app sharing features or the share menu as it is called. app:menu = "menu_name", Using java Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow!

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